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Valuable Services for your precious items…

All About Diamonds®, operates in jewelry business since 1995. Our company designs, creates and trades objects of high aesthetic and value.

We work with passion and love so we offer our customers both expertise in jewelry and a variety of services such as: repairs, modifications, precious stones evaluation and estimation, certification issuing and the opportunity for the customer to design his own unique special order jewel. We are well aware that every piece of jewelry in our possession represents an intense sentimental bond between us and our beloved ones depending on a very special moment of our life. Our aim is to protect forever these special moments through the special treatment of your jewelry and to provide you with advice on jewelry that you will either buy for yourselves or offer it to your beloved ones.


The diamond may be the ultimate symbol of love, but is also a timeless investment due to its rarity and value. Therefore, you have to feel confident regarding the authenticity of the stone you own. For nearly a decade, the majority of customers address two sources, in order to assess the quality of gems: the appraiser and the jeweler, who sold them the precious stone. These two, were often, especially some years ago, the same person. However, with the proliferation of specialized technologies and the continuous rise of a demanding market, many consumers now trust a more specific document that assesses the true value of precious stones, such as the Certificate of diamonds.


We do know the value of your gems. What about you?

Gem evaluation is very important, should we want to know the attributes making a jewel precious. This also applies to family relics, gifts, coins and souvenirs we may have in our possession and wondering about their possible value.







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The Certificate describes the "Four Cs" of your diamond: The Colour, the Clarity, the weight in Carats and the description of the shape/Cut. It also includes some measurements such as the depth in terms of percentage, the quality of the brightness and the symmetry of a diamond. It must also describe features like fluorescence or possible imperfections. Finally, a certificate must include a precise design of the diamond.