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Gemstones Certification

Gemstones Certification

The term "Certification of precious stones is a term that is used widely in the jewelry market in order to facilitate the communication between customers and merchants as an established way to secure their transactions.
In the jewelry market we can find more terms such Guarantee, Warranty etc that appear as small cards or booklets filled up with various specifications of each company's products.
However, these terms refer to each transaction's guarantee and in no way do they represent a certification of the certain features of a specific product, such as the gemologists' valid estimations and written reports according to the international gemologist law.
When we refer to a precious stone "certification" we actually refer to a written report that imprints an estimation a specific moment and impartially declares the quality features of a precious stone prior to a combination of scientific examination with the use of special gemologists' instruments and is issued exclusively from certified gemologists! Thus, the certification of a precious stone is important and of decisive importance for the further commercial course of a precious stone (resale, insurance etc.).
It is worth mentioning that a certification never includes the value of a specific stone (because that is the merchant's job) but it only contains the authenticity and unique features (for example the diamond has the 4 C's).
All about diamonds ® participates in gemologist sessions, is well informed about developments in international estimation of precious stones and collaborates with the most famous International Gemological Institutes worldwide in order to issue such certifications. This special knowledge combined with many years of experience, allows us to offer high quality services to our customers, suitable suggestions for the safest disclosure of their precious objects and finally valid certifications.

*Gemmology… a word unknown to many!

Gemmology is a scientific field that derives from Mineralogy and one of the most important sections of Geology.
So Gemmology is the science that examines precious stones and anything valuable! The Anglo-Saxon term ‘’Gemmology’’ derives from the word Gem that comes from the latin term Gemma which means "Flower Blossom" or the latin word "produce". The term Gem refers to every material (precious stone, wood, shell, fossil, organic material etc) which is valuable due to its rarity, uniqueness, beauty, processing and sometimes its age)! The Anglo-Saxon term ‘’Gemmology’’ derives from the word Gem that comes from the latin term Gemma which means "Flower Blossom" or the latin word "produce". The term Gem refers to every material (precious stone, wood, shell, fossil, organic material etc) which is valuable due to its rarity, uniqueness, beauty, processing and sometimes its age)!


What is the diamond certification?

A diamond’s certificate is a printed report, which is based on a Gemmological analysis (having used special Gemmological instruments) of a particular stone. It is usually available by independent laboratories, certified by gemmologists.

What is the added value of a certificate?

The certificate documents the “4 Cs” of your diamond: Color, Clarity, Carat (weight) and Cut (i.e. the description of shape), with measurements of the diamond. A certificate should also include characteristics, such as fluorescence or any imperfections. Finally, the certificate should entail a detailed sketch of the diamond.

Why invest in acquiring a certificate for your diamond?

The certificate documents a diamond’s quality and authenticity and therefore reassures the buyer. For those, who are not experts, the certificate allows an objective evaluation and comparison. In addition, if you want to resell your gemstone, a certificate provides the necessary stamp of authenticity to ensure a fair price. It is also imperative, in case you wish to insure your jewelry. The certification process may take one to two weeks and the price of this service varies depending on the gemstone’s weight. Most laboratories charge about $85 per carat.
Changes in the market have increased the demand for reliable classifications and assessment reports by highly credible Organizations/Institutes . The majority of good quality gemstones are accompanied by gemmological reports. A certificate actually helps the resale of jewelry and answers questions about its quality. It allows someone to buy and sell with more confidence!

Does the acquisition of a Certificate affect the price?

Yes and no. Usually, a jewel is not branded and therefore its origin, authenticity and history cannot be defined. The buyer often does not know, where it was certified, who provided the certification, or the name of the original seller. The only document that travels with jewelry is the certificate. As the IGI put it, it is “a passport for your jewels”. Despite the fact that a certificate cannot increase the value of a particular piece, it can ensure that the stone will not be underestimated, nor questioned for its authenticity. This makes the certificate a valuable document!

How to obtain a certificate?

You can contact the company All About Diamonds® for further gemmological information.

Gemmological Institute of America (GIA)

GIA developed the first internationally accepted calibration system for diamonds. It was the first to present a grading report and to set the criteria standards for documenting diamond quality worldwide. The GIA Laboratory makes reports for the majority of high quality diamonds weighing over one carat. It is usually GIA, the Institute that examines the rarest stones in the world, including the famous “diamond of hope”.
In order to maintain its position as an impartial assessor of gemstones, GIA does not participate in the purchase, sale or evaluation of precious stones and jewelry. The reports of GIA do not entail any estimation of monetary value.
The GIA report describes the weight, cut, finish, color, fluorescence and clarity of a diamond. Apart from the aforementioned basic data, it contains comments describing characteristics of the stone.

American Gem Society (AGS)

AGS laboratories serve an international clientele consisting of representatives of retail jewelry, wholesale suppliers, diamond cutters and manufacturers. The quality document of AGS / DQD, provides calibration of the cut quality for round diamonds, as well as information about the 4 C's of diamond grading. The total grading is based on a scale of 0 to 10.

European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL)

The EGL has stipulated, with standard procedures, the international criteria for accurate and consistent diamond certifications. EGL certificates have universal validity and recognition. The main clientele are diamond wholesalers and manufacturers. The EGL does not sell diamonds or gemstones and is completely independent of any sales organization.
The certificate documents all information concerning the diamond, such as weight, shape, cut, color grade, clarity, measurements, proportions, finish , brightness and other physical properties. Upon customer request, the stone can be sealed in a special case (capsule), which carries the description and license number.
Sometimes the authentication code is microscopically printed onto the diamond with laser (on the diamond’s girdle). This firm seal confirms that the accompanying certificate matches the diamond, which is for sale.
The EGL certificate is a condensed report of the carat weight, color quality, the degree of purity and its diagram.

Diamond High Council (DHC / Hoge Raad voor Diamant)

The nonprofit Diamond High Council is the officially recognized representative of the Belgian diamond trading. The certified laboratory HRD has evolved into one of the largest diamond certification laboratories in the world. This report contains a full description of the diamond’s quality, including shape, weight, clarity, fluorescence, color grade, measurements, proportions and finish quality and is supplemented, where necessary, with additional comments.

International Gemmological Institute (IGI)

The staff of IGI consists of over 300 members(2010), who have more than 450,000 reports per year. The IGI provides three different certifications: Diamond Reports, Identification Reports and Information Assessment Reports.
All these reports certify a diamond’s authenticity. IGI provides a reliable and accurate statement regarding stone’s characteristics, which are rated on an internationally recognized system. Details of these reports include weight, dimensions, shape, cut, finish, proportions, clarity, fluorescence and color. For further description of the stone, an enlarged photograph is added, depicting the details.
Upon request, IGI can seal the stones in a box with the microfilms of the original report to ensure to the jeweler and the purchaser that this gemmological report concerns that specific piece of jewelry.
The Assessment Report states the estimated retail value for insurance purposes, in U.S. dollars, euros or other international currencies.

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