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Founded in 1970 and continuing a two generations family tradition, All About Diamonds® designs, manufactures and sells jewelry of high aesthetic and value. With original designs and unique creations with precious stones and the experience of tasteful classicism but also following the latest fashion trends, All About Diamonds®, applies state-of-the-art techniques, giving jewelry the value, the prestige and the luxury they deserve.

All jewelry is manufactured by experienced craftsmen using quality materials and are accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

Over 47 years now, our main value is our customers’ satisfaction through quality services and materials. We invest in knowledge and expertise because our customers’ needs go far beyond simple trade of jewelry and extend to modern demands of creation and advice.


Having studied Gemmology both in Greece and abroad, George Kiamos has been an active professional and entrepreneur since 1990 in the jewelry business with experience and expertise in handcrafted creations, appreciation and trade of minerals, precious gems and metals. Starting from the Greek Goldsmith School in 1987, he continued his studies majoring on Diamonds at the Greek Goldsmith Center ( EL.K.A.).

After graduating with honors from EL.K.A., he secured an internship to continue his studies at the Gemmological Association & Gem Testing Laboratory in Great Britain, where he earned two Diplomas: the Gemmology Diploma and Gem Diamond Diploma

Since 2008 George Kiamos has been the President of the Greek Researching Educational Gemmological Association (GREGA). As a part of this activity, he has participated in state-of-the-art International Gemmological Conferences abroad, as well as Conferences for Jewel makers and dealers. Furthermore, he has organized gemmological Conferences in Greece with highly qualified international speakers and participants. Some of aforementioned Congresses are:

  • Rubies & Sapphires Treatment (Athens 2003)
  • Gem-A Conference (London 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
  • Diamonds HPHT & Pearls Colors (Athens 2006)
  • Gem-A Centenary Conference (London)
  • 2nd Annual European Gemmological Symposium (London 2008)
  • The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire (Athens and London 2010)
  • 1st Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference (Athens 2015)

The passion for the object of Gemmology is not limited to his business activity, but extends also to a broad knowledge, which makes him a recognized member in the field of Gemmology in Greece. George Kiamos has also a rich literature in specialized trade journals (such as the Novi24), part of which you can read following the relevant link on this site.

The entrepreneurship of George Kiamos is rich, entailing well maintained stores across Greece, which specializes in trading, manufacturing and appraising of jewelry. His stores have always been a reference point for everyone looking for the latest Fashion trends regarding jewelry and watches.

As a trusted partner and representative of major fashion and jewelry houses, such as FENDI, GUCCI, CARRERA, DKNY, PIERRE GARDIN, GUESS, ROBERTO CAVALLI, D & G, MISS SIXTY, FCUK, PORSCHE DESIGN, MORELLATO, MORGAN, TENDENCE, ROSSO AMANTE, PICASSO ART, JACQUES LEMANS, RENATO BALESTRA etc. he has worked with large multinational companies, including Vodafone and McDonald's. He has also provided services as an interior designer for the decoration of many entertainment venues in Athens, with Minerals and precious stones.

Raising the bar in delivering high-quality, George Kiamos and All About ® focus on excellent customer service by investing in thorough knowledge and expertise to accomplish it.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Repair



Jewels for us and also for our customers do not only have monetary value. Our jewelry accompanies and symbolizes most often intense emotional bonds with people who offer them and serve as milestones at key moments in their lives.

Jewels are personal ornaments that intend to ameliorate our image. Jewels were in the course of history, symbols of prestige and status. Their manufacturing began about 40,000 years ago as one of the first forms of handmade folk art. From the beginning of man’s existence, our kind felt the need to be creative and “constructed” these ornaments, which over time became more meaningful than mere everyday utilitarian tools. Although some jewelry had at first a rather utilitarian use (such as a ring - seals) today jewelry is more of a status symbol to holders of political (e.g. royal tiaras) and/or religious positions (e.g. papal miter), financial status or relationships (e.g. rings and solitaires). This has changed dramatically over time and many tools are currently made of precious materials, resulting again in clearly symbolizing the financial and social status of their owners (e.g. silver/gold dinnerware sets).

Nature has provided us with material that man has assessed and highlighted, using them in order to give a different and special meaning to important moments.

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