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Repair - Recycling - Transformation

We transform your old Jewelry

Repair - Recycling - Transformation

Along the years we have all invested some money to obtain some valuable jewelry, watches or even precious stones that we are emotionally attached with because they remind us of some very special personal moments, such as wedding jewelry, engagement rings or precious stones inherited by our ancestors (grandparents etc). For some reason, these might be unused so far either because of natural damage occurred throughout the years (missing parts, broken stones or chains etc) or the designs are old and obsolete.
We strongly believe that instead having five or ten pieces like these, pieces that someday cost a small fortune to obtain and today remain useless in a drawer or a bank deposit, it would be much better to combine them and have one or two really remarkable pieces maintaining all the memories they contain and truly use them.
Considering the difficulties of obtaining a new luxury item such as jewelry is, having some unused old pieces empowers us to do something innovative. What we actually suggest is a jewel recycle process in order to keep the memories of the past alive as well as having the opportunity to create something brand new, modern and useful piece of jewelry!
Using your grandmother’s precious stones or your old gold Jewelry we can present you a complete transformation of something old to something brand new and the only thing that you have to pay for is our work, since you provide us with all the materials!
All About Diamonds® offers you total solutions and advice about managing and handling all those jewelry pieces within a wide range of experts according to your needs so do not hesitate to consult us.
All you have to do is send us your jewelry to have a professional, official and responsible expert to deal with it. Our network gemologists will offer you the best solution for your jewelry or provide you with the best opinions for the restoration, transformation or recycle options available! You will be surprised of our immediate and high level services, send us an application form NOW!

Thank you for your trust!

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