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Broken jewelry soldering

Our company can provide all kind of after sales services!

Jewelry Repair

Every piece of jewelry is unique and most of the times we have a strong emotional bond with it. However, as years go by, our favourite jewelry might wear out. You don't have to worry about that anymore because our job is to restore your jewelry and give them their initial form and shine.
In our company AAD ® know that a jewelry can be priceless to the person how wears it. But happens when this object breaks, decays or needs modification? We have the solution for you. Our after sales services team consists of capable and experienced technicians, in order to oblige to our customers’ needs​.
But what does it mean when we say repair a jewelry: the needs vary. For example, a ring might need to be resized, a bracelet needs to be polished or a necklace is missing a stone. Our company can provide all kind of after sales services. In the case that your jewelry has decay spots or broken parts we can offer a full repair. These services are attended with full attention to detail, in order to return it in a condition where no one can detect the repair.
In the case that a jewelry needs soldering, our team uses the latest laser technology, so that we can protect the stones on the jewel and transform it in its initial condition.

Repair – Construction – Recreation

  • Broken jewelry soldering
  • Replacement or repair of broken links or clasps of broken jewelry.
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets and chain resizing.
  • Prong, bezel, channel, pave, tension, and bar setting from specialists. We work with any kind of gems (rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and semi precious stones).
  • Gold and silver jewelry plating like white gold, pink gold plating, silver plating etc.
  • Jewelry, silverware, watches, icons and utensils polishing and restoration
  • Special and custom laser engravings (such as companies' logos).
  • Lost earrings, wedding rings or other jewelry recreation and resetting.
  • Old jewelry custom orders, recreation, restoration and recycle.
  • Monogram or companies' logo engraving on jewelery or other metal objects (keychains for example). Custom engravings can be made after request with laser, diamond or even hand made depending on the jewelry style.
  • Replacement of worn out silk thread (classical bond) of your pearl necklaces.
After-Sales Service.Customer service is an on-going process. It does not simply stop in a sale or a transaction. Complete client satisfaction is an issue of paramount importance for ALL ABOUT DIAMONDS and we do try to offer high level services that will meet or exceed your personal expectations.

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